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Non-performing loans (NPLs) are an integral part of the lending cycle. During an expansion phase, banks provide more loans, and...
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We wish you a great year 2021 ahead. Season’s greetings Meilleurs voeux Frohe Festtage Migliori auguri Mejores deseos Счастливых...
Asteria Investment Managers, the recently launched impact investing firm controlled by REYL & Cie Ltd, is entering into a...


[REYL Ecosystem] "2020 has brought seismic changes which have reshaped how we see our finances and how they are managed" says Alpian CEO Schuyler Weiss.

It was a great pleasure to give the 2020 FAVORIT Entrepreneurship Award for the 3rd consecutive year. Watch the shortlisted...
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Press Releases
The Fund Representation Solutions (FRS) arm of the REYL & Cie Asset Services business line has received a licence extension from...
Press Releases
REYL & Cie is proud to have been awarded “Outstanding Boutique Private Bank in Switzerland”, “Outstanding Private Bank Switzerland...